When most people become constipated their first thoughts are to take laxatives. But most of these people, are overreacting and its not laxatives that they need. It is probably that there diet plan is lacking in fiber. So by simply adding more fiber to their diet, the visits to the toilet should become more regular again. A good amount of daily fiber to eat is around 20 to 35 grams a day. Fiber works because it will soften up stools making them pass through your digestive system a lot faster. It would also be a wise move to start drinking more water. Look at drinking around 8 to 10 glasses each day.

Homemade Treatments For Constipation

Starting your day with a good healthy breakfast is very important, not just for helping to treat constipation. But your overall health and well being as well. A good breakfast meal would be high fiber bran, mixed with an handful of fruit such as raisins or bananas. If you are not use to starting your day with an high fiber meal, then you will need to take it slowly at first and build up the size of these high fiber breakfast meals slowly. This is because you may get excessive wind, stomach cramps and bloating, if your body isn’t use to it.

Other good sources of fiber are nuts, pears, dried beans, figs and oats. But one of the most popular sources at the moment is flax seed. This ingredient in recent years is getting lots of exposure and rightly so. Because it’s jammed packed with not only fiber, but with healthy dietary fats as well.

You can buy flax seed in seed form and ground form. But the ground form is usually three as much. So a good way to save yourself some cash, is to buy it in seed form and grind it up yourself uses a cheap coffee grinder. Which you will be able to pick up for just a few dollars. Add one to two teaspoons of ground flax seed to your breakfast and you will quickly be on your way to more regular visits to the toilet.

Home Made Treatment For Constipation

Another fantastic home remedy to start your day, is drinking a cup of morning coffee. This is because the caffeine found in the coffee has got bowel loosening properties that will help to loosen up your stools. You need to make sure to not drink too much coffee, this is because coffee is a diuretic and will strip your body of water quickly. If you drink a few cups of coffee a day, always rehydrate yourself afterwards with a large glass of fresh water.

Another excellent homemade treatment for constipation is dandelion tea. This is because it has got mild laxative properties that will help with your constipation. All you need to do to prepare this tea, is add one teaspoons of dried dandelion root to a small cup of hot boiling water. Look at drinking 2 to 3 cups of dandelion tea each day to help with your constipation.


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